Diary of Hobbitt

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Music - what can one say about it. It is something so divine that it trancends all barriers and elevates one to a state of bliss. Music in its various forms be it vocal or instumental, classical or folk , has the power to move human hearts. If one were to quietly listen,one would discover music even in the creations of nature.There is music in the gurgling of the brook as it flows along its course, there is music in waves of the sea as they surge forward to the shore and recede, there is music in the chirping of the birds, the gurgling of an infant, the swaying of the leaves of the trees. In the worldly environment one can hear music in the chiming of the church or the temple bells and even the music of the anklets of a woman as she walks ,sounds melodious.Indeed what would life be if there were no music in this busy world.So lets take time off, to enjoy music even as we are bogged down by our day to day activities.


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