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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Down & Out

Oh what a fever! well the viral fever has hit me and boy does it feel really really bad ! The virus seems to be thoroughly enjoying itself doing the rounds of my poor body!Cough, Cough I go the minute my head touches the pillow.As for the temperature it merrily goes high and low-while one minute I am covering myself with blankets and the very next minute I am longing to douse cool water over myself !As for the tastebuds-they seem to have disappeared and all I can feel is sawdust in mouth!The gen practitioners (with due respect) must be making money as it rains (quite inappropriate to say make hay while the sunshines,leave alone sun shining one has not even had a glimpse of the sun for a long trime!) writing out prescriptions and collecting their fees![edit] [graphic editor] [Delete]

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