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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Looking through the window

Sitting in the cosy comfort of my room, I look out of the window as the rain pitter patters outside. The garden below looks lush and green with overgrown weeds amidst pools of rainwater. The rains don’t seem to disturb the birds, as mynas and sparrows chirp away merrily. Two pigeons outside the windowsill sit quietly,shielded well from the rain as they look at the other birds rather comtemptuously ,as if to say “:what kind of fools will willingly get wet in the rains and not be bothered about it ! As for the canine and feline population which keeps hanging out everyday near the garbage dump-,they are nowhere to be seen !The lucky few who are having a holiday (,thanks to Janamashtmi) are for once enjoying the rains as they sit sipping hot cups of chai and hogging freshly made kanda and batata bhajiyas. The unfortunate lot ( the majority) curse the rains, as they struggle to reach office in the midst of incessant rain, delayed train services and traffic snarls. Yet another rainy day in Mumbai where life never stops come what may ![edit] [graphic editor] [Delete]


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