Diary of Hobbitt

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

2 year old's mischief

On a fine summer evening as we were getting ready to go out,our 2 year old ran out to the balcony and returned in a few minutes.Busy getting ready we did not pay much heed to what she was doing, till her trips to the balcony every now and then aroused our suscipicion.Every now and then she would casually stroll out to the balcony and return in a couple of minutes with a smug expression on her face.We decided to find out the mystery and quietly followed her on her next trip without her knowledge and there the mystery unfolded- resting on top of the stool in the balcony was a shrunken,dirty potato (left there probably by a visiting crow)which our 2 year old was gleefully biting into ! Every visit to the balcony must have meant one bite at a time ,for the potato seemed bitten into at various points ![edit] [graphic editor] [Delete]

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