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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dessert Deserted !

Yesterday I made vanilla cusatard for the umpteenth time, with full confidence . After all , even a novice ( in the field of cuisine delights) can't go wrong making custard, thanks to brands like Brown & Polson, Bluebird, Weikfield , which give specific instructions on how to go about it-and here I was , a veteran in cooking (thanks to constant boost to my confidence , generously doled out , in ample proportions by my daughter who thinks I am the best cook in the world !) for whom custard preparation was as easy as breathing . Reading instructions ? Not for me such unnecessary efforts ! How wrong I was !
Armed with all the necessary ingredients and misplaced confidence (which I was very soon going to realize ) I set about the task - boiled the milk, added sugar and finally added the cornflour-custard powder mix into the milk and kept it on slow fire and watched with great satisfaction as it became thick & creamy. Voila ! the pudding was ready ! Without a thought I cooled it and in , it went into the fridge. The thought of my family relishing this favourite dessert after dinner pleased me and I was quite elated even though I knew I would not be having it myself because of my "sweet" problem.
Dinnertime- The look on the face of my daughter was one of pure delight as the pudding was served along with her favourite jelly. As for my husband who belongs to the species of the "strong silent type" , not a single expression flitted across the face !
The proof of the taste of the pudding was soon revealed as both of them tried to eat the pudding- the custard had solidified into a thick lumpy mass ( which, had it been pelted at some unsuspecting victim would have caused serious injury) on which were precariously balanced jelly, biscuits and bananas ! Not only was the custard lumpy ,but , was also flat in taste as I had made an error in judgement while adding sugar ! While my husband finished it without a murmer( he always does that ,unless asked for an opinion! )-on this occasion a feedback about the taste was helpfully given whenI asked him for his opinion , after seeing the painful expression on my daughter's face ! Poor thing , what a let down it must have been for her,seeing the blunder made by the best cook (her opinion ) in the world ! I did'nt have the heart the to torture her further by insisting that she finish her dessert . On her part , she must have heaved a sigh of relief to escape from the torture !
My confidence has taken beating and the idea of preparing even rice leave alone custard scares me ! So much for being an expert !


At 4:13 AM , Anonymous The fan said...

Awww..it wasn't that bad....umm, well, you've made better but chalega! Good hahaheehee post


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