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Saturday, September 23, 2006

The world through the eyes of a Diabetic

There is a new breed that is increasing in today's world-the breed of diabetics. India is expected to have the highest rate of diabetic population ,beating all other countrie in this race,by the turn of this century !
The average diabetic looks like any normal being but the exterior hides the true condition of a diabetic- a pancreas that does'nt produce sufficient insulin,which in turn affects the normal metabolic activity of the body system. This results in damage to certain parts of the body, in the long run,namely the eyes, the kidneys,the heart.Hence the average diabetic is a highly vulnerable person in comparison to the average human being ! However with rapid strides in the field of research and medicine , it is quite possible for a diabetic to lead a normal life in today's world, provided certain restrictions and discipline are adhered to.
The world through the eyes of a diabetic is quite different (being a diabetic myself)-It never ceases to amaze me how others display so much energy, when a drive (in comfort of the car) to a movie theatre or a shopping mall leaves me drained of my energy.Every step taken has to be thought out keeping in mind this "sweet disorder". Giving into a craving for a pastry on an impulse like a normal person can play havoc with the diabetic's sugar level ! At the same time when hypoglaecemia strikes the diabetic has to literally gorge on those very food that are forbidden otherwise, to bring up the sugar level. Couple of times I have experienced severe nausea after a bout of hypoglaecimia,on account of eating chocolates, cream biscuits all in one go to bring up my sugar level ! R ather ironic is'nt it ? But what the heck,the tyrant called Diabetes dictates what I should eat and how I should eat !Sometimes I have felt like a two yeart old carrying snacks, chocolates(in case Hypoglaecemia strikes-and most of the time it strikes when least expected) and a water bottle whenever I go out. People tend to forget that a diabetic person (at least one who has had it for quite sometime) will definitely know the rules of this "sweet condition" , and start a long lecture on the dos and dont's (all in good intention)that leaves the D (D for diabetes or diabetic as the case warrants !) feeling absolutely bored and wishing that wellwisher would disappear altogether ! Being a third generation diabetic I am so familiar with the rules of the game that someday in the evening of my life I'll probably write a book on diabetes , with specific advice to non-diabetic people not to go into dos and don'ts of diabetes when talking to a D person-what the hell , the guy would most probably know all that if he is under treatment.
Given the choice I would rather eat three meals a day than keep eating after every few hours and that too in quantities that would be comparable to a kid's meal !For it is constantly drilled into the diabetic that he/she must eat small quantities of food at frequent intervals. I find I am perpetually hungry following this routine and since I am consuming something or the other (of course only what is allowed by my dietary chart) every few hours I often get the feeling that I am doing nothing except eating, the whole day and yet the stomach always feels empty !Stress created by a death in the family was one of the factors responsible for a haemorrage in the retina and today after undergoing two phases of treatment I still have problem with one eye, seeing clearly ,.To add insult to injury I was told that I would never resume my normal vision again in my affected eye.Every step taken has to be taken with due consideration keeping in mind that one has diabetes. Too much tension? sugar level will shoot up. Infection ? stabilize sugar level-diabetes can aggravate infection ! Rheumatoid arthritis pain(I am blessed with that also )-control sugar level-diabetes aggravates pain ! gynaecological problem ? stabilize sugar level. Diabetes increases bleeding ! All in all life becomes one long jouney of do and don'ts for a diabetic.
Neverthe less ,do not let the monster get the better of you. Medicine , diet, and exercise can help in keeping this monster under control . We have one life to live and we owe to ourselves to live life Kingsize .


At 11:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your last line.


At 8:09 AM , Blogger Sundar said...

nice way with words , hobbit and interesting earthy hues..especially loved the one on kozhakattai..

At 3:12 PM , Anonymous Brad said...

My peer, Kevin, a very humorous person by nature, was diagnosed of Diabetes at the tender age of 8. Rather acute condition, and very unfortunate. Around his neck, there is a list of 'what to do' and 'what not to do' for the benefit of his savior, in case he falls unconscious. It is not visible unless he unbuttons his shirt. His dosage of insulin has increased over the years. Kevin is about 40 years old today, and has to inject himself with insulin about 4 times a day; he jokes about it by referring to it as his 'insulin addiction'. Every now and then, if the workload increases, one of us defaults to making sure he has not forgotten to take the required medicated shot. He has been a primary source of information about this disorder. My dad, was diagnosed of diabetes last year; and he has maintained a strict regime, and the doctors have pronounced him as diabetes-free now. He is not bereft of me asking him about his diet; but yes, I do not poke him too much about it, lest he think that son believes that his dad is irresponsible. Don't want to give the old man that thought. Though, there are cases where I would beg to differ from you about not advising people; there are some who have lived a wild life and tend to waver at times, and have to be pinched. Wouldn't you agree with me?

At 6:48 AM , Blogger suri said...

understand that maam,

my dad has the illness. we call it the sothu (ancestral property) in my house.and between kozhakattai's, vethalai petti(medicine box) and diabetes life does come a full circle


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