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Friday, August 25, 2006

Weighty Issue !

The Indian housewife (like her counterparts all over the world) is obsessed with shaking off those extra kilos (which probably built up as she sat and watched all those saas-bahu serials in the quiet of the afternoon,day after day !) . Enrolling in aerobic classes is out of question-those very extra kilos she wants to shake off , literally come in her way of doing vigorous excersise !Thats what is called a Catch 22 situation !So she opts for the next best option-enrol in yoga class. If she had checked it out she would have been informed that yoga implies union of body ,mind and soul and not disunion of weight from one's body! Our typical example lands up one fine day for her first yoga class and her first question is "Will I lose weight in one month?"Never mind ,that she has diabetes, blood pressure etc ( which can somewhat be regulated )!What nags her is, that she cannot wear those trendy outfits which will make her look like a youngster (which even a slim housewife cannot look if she is over 40!).SO...When she is told that it is not possible,she loses interest and goes back to her routine of watching soap operas and adding more kilos and thereafter does not show her face in yoga class any more!


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