Diary of Hobbitt

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Evening musings in August

Mumbai looks lush and green in August as monsoon holds sway over the city. In the residential area that I live, the evening brings forth new sights and sounds. Today the rain God has taken respite and it is a lovely cool and cloudy evening.In the distance the chirping of the mynas can be heard as the y prepare to retire for the day. Somewhere a dance class is in progress with ghungroos shaking to the rhythmic beat. In the green park below the boys are playing football and excitement is in the air as they kick the ball around. The ayahs make the most of it as they wheel the infantds in prams and gossip among themselves. The aroma of onions assail the nostrils as dinner is being cooked.In the distance ,on the road cars are impatiently honking as they make their way home.All in all,God is in his heaven and all is right with the world( or so it seems!)


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