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Friday, August 25, 2006

Trip down memory lane

Looking at children hurriedly rushing to catch the schoolbus,brings to my mind my own schooldays, as it takes a trip down memory lane to those carefree and happy days when all one had to worry about was ,finishing the day's homework and performing well in the exams!One of the advantages in studying in a convent was that discipline was inculcated into the system at a very early age ,which, till today has stood stead in all aspects of life.Inspite of the strict discipline enforced in school,we girls still managed to have fun,at times bringing down the wrath of the nuns!There was this time, when the entire class(seniormost in school)was marched down to the courtyard and made to stand in the sun for the entire period -a punishment meted out to us for being talkative !Not that it bothered the girls......all of us stood there giggling oblivious to the stares of the junior classes! This infuriated Sister Catherine, who gave us a dressingdown ,finally concluding that we were a shameless lot ,and a bad example to the juniors and that we would never amount to anythinhg good in life.No one dared to look up into those piercing blue Irish eyes, while trying to stifle our giggles!Today I wonder if I step into my old school what sights I will see. Todays school kids are a much smarter lot and will probably get into mischief which in those days would have scandalized the nuns!Today's school authorities will have to be even more smarter than their predecessors to handle today's bunch of smart kids![edit] [graphic editor] [Delete]

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