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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mall Culture

The "Mall Culture" has arrived ( one more feather in the cap for the west which we desis are constanting aping) and is here to stay.Walk into any mall on a weekend one gets the impression the entire city is there ! They come in all types-the DINKs(double income no kids couples), the large Indian family(whole with granpa,granma,aunts uncles ,cousins,nephews, nieces!), the nuclear family comprising of young parents with a toddler in tow or in a pram, the groups of teenagers, the yuppies with their boy friends or girl friends, the newly married couple in the first flush of marriage, the not so young parents on the own(their grownup offsprings probably on a similar outing with their peer group )-all out to have an evening of fun.It could either be a mundane job ,like getting the month's groceries or it could be visit to one of the movie theatres to catch the latest movie(who cares if tickets are priced too high ,after all money is not a problem for the urban lot who come to the malls),or it could be a trip to one of the innumerable restaurants that offer multicuisine, or it could simply be an outing with no purpose other than to just browse at all designer brands.-whether its clothes, accessories , shoes or watches etc. A select lot will head straight for the book-cum-music shop where if one is interested in reading or has a ear for music ,the hours will simply fly. There is something for everyone who comes to these malls - of course it also helps if one's wallet is full of crisp notes and a couple of credit cards !Wecome to the Mall Culture !


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