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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tele Trauma !

Who said only drug addicts and smokers have withdrawl symptoms- that was in the olden days. With the advent of tele serials into our living rooms and in some cases the bedrooms too ,( the more the number of TV sets , with one each in every room, the happier the family, the less the number fights within the family. Gone are the days when the general belief was 'the family that eats together , stays together". The new order of the day is the family that stays together is the one that watches TV not together but separately, which , has made it necessary for multiple TV sets in the house with each member watching what he or she fancies ! ) a new species has emerged. A species which by its loyaly to these serials can send the TRP rating either spiralling up or plummeting down ! Joining the ranks of smokers and drug addicts are these serial watchers when forced to quit watching tele serials also suffer from withdrawl symptoms !
Mrs Khanna is an avid watcher of roughly about 12-15 saas-bahu serials and spends most of the time sitting with her eyes glued to the TV during the major part of the day.Her schedule ,( kitty parties, beauty parlour visits , shopping for designer clothes,jewellery , etc. etc..) is carefully planned in such a way that she does'nt miss her favourite serial ! Everything went on fine till one day Mrs Khanna fell ill and a series of tests revealed a visitor within her generously proportioned body _ Diabetes ! A trip to the Diabetologist brought an end to her carefully structured day to day routine ! "Mrs Khanna , diabetes is not a disease but a condition which if carefully attended to with strict discipline in your daily regimen, can enable you to live a normal life. You have to adhere to three important rules -medicine , diet and exercise , only then can you lead a healthy life" pronounced the doctor solemnly. Even if lightening had struck her she would not have been more shocked ! What was to become of her TV serials - Bhagwan tuney mujhe yeh din kyun dikhlaya ? cried her heart ! Anyway man proposes and the Guy above disposes !
If you happen to visit the joggers park at Lokhandwala early in the morning or in the evening and see a short plump lady struggling to walk briskly,be sure it is none other than Mrs Khanna ! While efforts are being made to battle this new enemy , Mrs Khanna is also going through withdrawl symptoms that any serial watcher goes through if deprived of regular watching of teleserials ! Mrs Khanna's dose of serials have been drastically reduced to a couple of serials thanks to her yoga classes , walks and other exercises which leave her with comparatively little time to watch TV ! Her symptoms include among other things , restlessness, almost going crazy trying to imagine what is happening to her favourite character in such and such a serial , stiffness in the fingers ( not getting the regular dose of exercise operating the remote,) , headaches (thinking too much about the serials) , irritability and depression !

Mr Khanna is frantically looking out for a good psychiatrist who can help his wife battle her withdrawl symptoms ! Suggestions anybody ?


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