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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Kissa Baal ka !

Yesterday evening when the doorbell rang and I opened the door, I saw a smart young woman standing , beaming at me ! I am not used to strangers smiling at me -anyway I smiled back, puzzled , thinking the young lady had come to the wrong address and was about to say so ,when a closer look revealed her identity -it was my daughter ! What with the world changing so fast , ab yeh din aa gaye, ki ma apne beti ko pehachan nahi sakthi ! The reason for my confusion was the new haircut which she sported !
Perched smartly on her head was her crowning glory cut short ( somehow I was reminded of Jane Fonda) and shining with streaks of red ! "Oh amma , don't say red, the colour is burgundy"she remarked . The overall effort did look nice but still I was skeptical about colour being used for hair.Did'nt want my daughter to get grey hair so early in life ! Kyunki beti ke haath peeley karney hain , aur ladki ko is umar me safed baal achey nahi lagte !


At 7:41 PM , Anonymous KP said...

That sounds pretty interesting!! Especially with a jugaabandi!

If you don't take R as student, I am interested!!!


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