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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Khana - Gaana Classes !

One of the FM channels regularly relays a programme called "singing chef" in which the presenter (no doubt well versed in the art of culinary delights ) takes the listener through the methods of making a particular dish ,singing popular hindi songs -quite innovative I must say-guy does'nt have a bad voice also !

Being a fairly good cook myself (thanks to constant reminder to that effect by my daughter) I have decided to share my knowledge with interested eager-to-learn students ,by conducting musical cooking class in my house (I also happen to be a trained classical singer blessed with a good voice- anybody who has heard me sing can vouch for that !). Adding my own idea to the existing idea , I plan to have jugalbandi ie., while preparing say Indianised pasta, I will resort to mixing a rendition of Carnatic music with a Beatles song - it might be Strawberry Fields Forever sung in the raag Kalyani or say Indianised Chinese wantons being taught singing "meri wanton garam masala, meri dimsum garam masala !" ! I am sure my students will definitely appreciate that.

Classes will be starting from next month . Those interested in cooking and singing may apply to Chachi ka Khana.com. Special discount will be given to those who have a good voice (a trained music expert has been appoinmted to interview such students, so that deserving students can avail of such offer.So hurry - First come , First served (pun not intended !)

PS - On completion of six months course the best student (one who can cook as well as sing) will be given a guitar and a Tupperware gift hamper ! SO Hurry !


At 9:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!! I would sign up as your first student except I can't decide what you'd throw me out for -- shattering the glasses or ruining the food!



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