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Monday, January 22, 2007

Mummy Logic vs Ramsees Logic !

My daughter & I have different views on several matters especially on those relating to healthcare . My views are termed as 'mummy logic' by Ramsees (my pet name for my daughter whenever both of us are in a jolly good mood and are willing to listen to each other even if we do differ on opinions regarding anything ) and I on my part consider her views as "Ramsees Logic" !
Following are some samples of conversations which reflect "mummy logic" as well as " Ramsees logic " . Here goes
( Mummy Logic to be referred simply as ML and Ramsees logic to be referred as RL ).
ML: Early to bed and early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise.
RL: Wrong. Late to bed and late to rise makes the body feel well rested and feel energetic.
(Never minmd that acidity which rears its head due to skipped breakfast and makes Ramsees "energetically" irritable !)
ML: Oil bath should be had in the morning and if had in the evening is not good for health.
RL: Old wives tale ! Oil bath can be had any time .
(Of course following her logic loyally Ramsees will choose to have it only in the late evening ).
ML: Maintaining regular timing for food keeps acidity, headaches, fatigue vagera vagera at bay.
RL: Eating at any odd hours is fine with me , after all what the body needs is nourishment and what difference does it make whether I have my breakfast at noon or my lunch in the evening or my dinner at 1 am in the morning !
( This has given rise to the new concept of "noon breakfast ", "evening lunch" and wee hours of the morning dinner "! God help such population when they reach their evening years with such companions like diabetes, hypertension, cholestrol, acidity etc. etc ! ).
My final logic "An apple a day keeps the doctor away " is met with a cheeky retort from Ramsees " If the doctor is handsome, keep the apple away " !


At 5:40 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mummy Logic has spoken! :-P



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