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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Live & Let Die !

Like the average good human being , I also belong to the category which follows the theory of 'live and let live' .However living under conditions of current times, namely dense population ,overcrowded living and health disorders of various types, I am forced ( like so many of my fellow human beings ) to change my policy - hence the policy of 'live and let die' ! In this regard I would like to clarify myself -this policy is not towards homo sapiens but towards the various species which make life miserable them !

A couple of days back the pest control guys arrived in my house, fully armed with all the lethal weapons to eradicate termites, cockroaches ( both big and small) and got down to serious business of carrying out their job- an operation that took two hours. Holes were drilled at various spots and medicine injected into and then sealed, toilets were sprayed with poison and repellants and gel applied to every place thinkable -walls, cupboards, kitchen cabinets, drawers, computer unit, chairs , tables -the list is endless ! Whether the concerned pests were affected or not , I certainly was , as I kept sneezing and wiping my tear filled eyes ! The house looked like a war torn area, with fine particles of dust suspended in the air and acrid smell lingering throughout the day ! How ever when I woke up next morning and saw small dead cockroaches here and there , I realized that "live and let die " had come into effect!

As for the mosquitoes, the hugely advetised All Out repellant (which is claimed to have the maximum MMR-mosquito mortality rate- a tall claim though !) is dutifully set every night with fond hopes of a mosquito free night only to have such hopes dashed to the ground when "oing " sound penetrates into the ears along with "khooni" bites bywretched mosquitoes ! I am seriously considering gathering support to sue the concerned company and make it pay for sleepless nights and blood loss incurred by khooni bites of mosquitoes !

Moral of the story- In order to live and let die , one has to go the gates of hell and come back !


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